Goluscz was a Superadmiral of the Nine Worlds Confederation, and fought in the Orion War against the rebelling Orion slaves.

In December, 57 BCE (reference stardate −20/5712), Goluscz gathered the remnants of the Nine Worlds warfleet at the world of Rhinate, a space fortress world with highly valuable mines and shipyards. However, his forces were surprised by the arrival of Grand-Admiral Finit the Iron-Handed and the combined Orion fleets, and the Battle of Rhinate ensued. The fighting inflicted heavy losses on both sides, but while the Orions could now absorb these losses, the Nine Worlds could take no more.

Goluscz capitulated, and on behalf of the Nine Worlds he sued for peace, with a ceasefire called on February 13th, 56 BCE (stardate −20/5602.13). The Declaration of Nallin was issued simultaneously with the cease-fire and the Orion War ended and the Orions were liberated. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

While Goluscz's species was never specified, it is most likely that his species was one of the nine members of the Nine Worlds Confederation.
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