Gombara (Black Hole Jericho 1) was a pulsar whose rate of beams was significant to the Chodak civilization since they based their time units on the observation. Outposts such as the one on Horst III had instruments fixed on the pulsar.

After the collapse of the Chodak Empire, the Z'Tarnis Nebula expanded on the vicinity of the pulsar and it was not observable from anywhere in Federation space. It was in unexplored space near the Romulan border.

In about 2340 the pulsar had collapsed in a black hole in the Jericho sector of the Kridnar. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

If the player was not able to learn the location of the Dar Norgal sector in the Prime One computer on Allanor, the player must visit the pulsar to decipher the Chodak star charts. Data suggests to maneuver the USS Enterprise close enough to observe the time-space continuum "folds" back upon itself directly and obtain a view of the pulsar before its collapse; he also suggested a tight parabolic trajectory around it so that the slingshot effect would accelerate the ship away safely. Counselor Deanna Troi on the other hand suggests traveling to a location thirty light years distance and observing the pulsar as it was seen before it became a black hole.
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