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Prefect Tamar arrives on Commander Rojan's planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Tamar insists that preparations for the invasion of the Milky Way by the Kelvan Empire must continue, while Rojan argues they should not.

Tamar later reveals he has been sent to punish Rojan for his treasonous views about making peace with the Federation. At the same time, Rojan reveals that he has launched a galaxy bomb at the Andromeda Galaxy with the intention of destroying the Kelvan Empire. Tamar is outraged and attempts to force Rojan to recall the bomb, but is instead turned into an inert cube. Rojan then reveals that the "bomb" was actually a messenger probe containing a peace treaty signed by Rojan on behalf of the Empire and the Federation President.



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Starships and vehicles


Alpha QuadrantAndromeda GalaxyMilky Way Galaxy
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Alpha Proxima IIArvada IIIDelta QuadrantIvor PrimeKelvaM32M110

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Kelvan EmpireKelvan High CommandUnited Federation of Planets
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Klingon Empire

Science and technology

black holedeuteriumgalactic barriergalaxy bombplasmaprobeproto-starradiation

Ranks and titles

commanderprefectPresident of the United Federation of Planets

Other references

duck soupKaferian appleKelvan Armadaquadrotriticale


Rojan encounters the USS Enterprise and later signs a peace treaty with the Federation President.
Rojan encounters Tamar and sends the peace treaty back to the Andromeda Galaxy.


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