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"Good Shepherd" was the 138th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 20th episode of the show's sixth season, first aired on 15 March 2000. The episode was written by Dianna Gitto and Joe Menosky and directed by Winrich Kolbe.


An efficiency report bring Kathryn Janeway's attention to three crewpeople that could use help fulfilling their potential aboard Voyager.



AyalaChakotayCulhaneThe DoctorMortimer HarrenKathryn JanewayHarry KimMitchell (Crewman)NeelixTom ParisRenlay SharrSeven of NineTal CelesWilliam TelferB'Elanna TorresTuvokunnamed USS Voyager crewpersons (USS Voyager personnel
Referenced only
Borg Queenunnamed Humans (Harren's mother)

Starships and vehicles

Delta Flyer (Flyer-class shuttlecraft) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class cruiser starship)


class T cluster (the galaxy's Delta Quadrant
Referenced only
Orion I (Pi-3 Orionis star system, Orion sector, Sirius sector block, the galaxy's Beta Quadrant) • Vico V (Vico star system, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant) • Coral Sea (Earth, Sol star system, Sector 001, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant) • Bajor (Bajor system, Bajor sector, Beta Ursae sector block, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant)

Shipboard locales

USS Voyager
astrometricsbridgebriefing roomcorridorengineeringmess hallplasma relay roomquartersready roomshuttlebaysickbayturboliftventral section
Delta Flyer
cockpitescape podaft compartment

Institutions and establishments

Referenced only
Orion Institute of CosmologyStarfleet Academy

Races and cultures

Referenced only
VidiianSpecies 8472

States and organizations


Science and clasification

Technology and weapons

biobedBorg dronecombadgecommunicatorcomputerelectro-plasma systemforce fieldhologramholographic emitterhull platingimpulse drivelong-range sensormedical tricorderPADDphaserphaser riflephoton torpedopower transferriflesensorsensor arrayshuttlecraftSIMs beaconspacecraftstarshiptorpedotransportertricorderturboliftuniversal translatorviewscreenwarp corewarp drivewarp nacelle

Ranks and titles

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommand divisioncommanding officercounselorcrewmandoctorengineerensignFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2360s-2370s)first officerflight controllerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior grademedical practitionernight watchofficeroperations divisionoperations managersciences divisionsecond officersecuritysecurity chiefsenior staffsheepherdertactical officerweapons officer

Other references

ionzeta particlecaptain's log, USS Voyageruniverseefficiencyaway missionspacedoorclass T clusterdaycourselevel 3 analysisstar clustermetagenic resolutiondeckterawattSchlezholt's Theory of Multiple Big Bangscosmologyhistoryyeartimeminutepower transfer requisitionportholecaptain's logstardatelog entrylifeformhumanoidatmosphereanatomyclothinguniformquarterssensor analysissubspace infraredoperationshypochondriamedicineaway teamshore leavesubspace infrared algorithmzeta particle derivationgamma wave frequencyion distributionpositronWang's Second Postulatesubspaceparticle decaystarplanetgas giantcoffeered alertcom analysishumortechnologydiseasemultiphasic prionprionhelmcommunicationslunchpasta soupsouppastagenechromosomespatial fluctuationhullantimatterdistress calldark matter proto-cometcometdark matterplasmahourstar chartclass T planetradiogenic ringdark matter lifeformalienfirst contactgasradiogenic particlematter-antimatter reaction assemblyoceanzero gravitysheepwolfanimalwaterStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)algorithmbase pairbiosignaturecarrier waveclass LcosmologistThe Good Shepherdinsectkilometermechanicmotor neuronmultivariate analysisnightmarenucleic acidplasma residuepondpoolprotostarquantum signaturesubspace echosubspace frequencysubspace particle decayswimmingwatttetrovalinevacuum exposurebloodgasoxygenanatomybeamingbootcaptain's log, USS Voyager, 2376governmenthomeworldhairhourhumanoidjumpsuitlanguagelifeformlog entrymattermemorynation-statepantsplanetpsychologyquadrantraces and culturesradiationrankspacestarstar systemstardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)technologytitleweapon


years prior to 2376
The class T cluster forms. (prior to episode)
stardate 53753.2, 2376 (2370s chronology, Voyager's journey)
Voyager travels near the class T cluster.


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