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The Goran system is a star system consisting of one red M class star and at least five planets located within Federation space. It is in a disputed area near the border with the Klingon Empire in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants, and is the home system of Goran IV and the developing humanoid Goranians.

History and specifics[]

In the 23rd century, Starfleet placed a probe in orbit of the system's star to monitor Klingon incursions.

By 2274 the Goranians' technology and development were analogous to Earth in the 16th century and the people were unaware of their place in the system. However, astronomer Gorman had been able to create an accurate star map of the Goran system, which he labeled as "Ye Olde Galaxy". The drawing placed twin planets along the third planetary orbital path. It did not indicate any moons for Goran IV, although three were evident when the planet was viewed from orbit.

In 2274, Starfleet's probe struck a meteoroid and crashed to the surface of Goran IV, leaking fuel that interacted with the planet's atmosphere to form a potentially deadly gas. The USS Enterprise was diverted to the system to prevent the gas from harming the population. (TOS comic: "The Long Night's Dawn!")

System makeup[]

Goran system primary M type star
  • Goran I
  • Goran II (1 moon)
  • Goran IIIa
  • Goran IIIb (1 moon)
  • Goran IV (3 moons)



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