Gorilla is a genus of the family Hominidae, a classification of lifeform that includes many species of gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, and humanoids. All these species characteristically walk on two legs, have a large brain-to-body mass ratio, and rely on vision as their primary sense.

There are at least two species of gorilla native to Earth (Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei). Sentient, highly-intelligent gorillas exist on the planets Angoma, Tekton, and Zeltok, as well as on at least one alternate Earth.


Diplomatic dinner with King Kut
Early in the first five-year mission, c. 2266, Captain Kirk sat down to a diplomatic dinner with King Kut, leader of the ancient gorilla people of Angoma. These gorillas were a warrior race in their declining years, who sought peaceful alliances as a defense against warlike species on nearby planets, including the Mantis, who were surreptitiously transporting groups of gorillas offworld. Later, in a sports arena, one gorilla played a game of soccer against a team from the Enterprise, winning by himself 16-2. (TOS comic: "Beware the Beast")

On an alternate Earth, Commander Kor conspired with gorilla General Marius to make that planet's local government more receptive to a Klingon alliance. (TOS comic: "The Primate Directive")

By 2369, the Earth species was on the critically endangered species list, with less than 500 mountain gorillas remaining. (TNG novel: Here There Be Dragons)


Known individuals




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