Gormie Gormatop was a male Ferengi, and one of the most popular comedians on Ferenginar during the Golden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahs. Gormie was most famous for his comedic character Klang the Incontinent Klingon, and his catchphrase, "I will kill you where you stand! But first I must visit waste extraction!"

Gormie got his first break in show business when Flynk gave him the role of a cabin boy in the holodrama Swamp King at Sunset. During his career, Gormie maintained a long-running rivalry with Dirf, son of Dorf, which was so intense that the two would refuse to perform in cities the other had visited. But on the thirtieth anniversary of Flynk's death, Gormie proposed that he and Dirf perform together at the memorial.

Gormie then undercut Dirf by performing his rival's entire act, including a portrayal of Shlork the Stuttering Vulcan. As a result, Dirf fell ill and never performed again. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

It is unclear whether this character, unlike most Ferengi, has a forename and surname, or if "Gormie" is simply a shortening of the formal name "Gormatop".
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