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The Gorn were a reptilian race that rule a galaxy outside the Milky Way. (TOS video game: Star Trek)


Gorn skeleton 2262

A Gorn's skeleton.

Gorn were a cold-blooded reptilian species with scaly skin and an average height of approximately 2 meters. They tended to be stronger than most humanoids. Their ears were simple holes on the sides of their skulls. Their mouths boasted an impressive array of sharp, carnivorous teeth, and their hands and feet had vicious claws, with a body size and bite radius similar to the now-extinct utahraptors of Earth. Like most cold-blooded lifeforms, the Gorn were known to prefer warm temperatures.

The basic male Gorn Initiate was a green quadruped intelligent enough to wield weaponry, in contrast to the smaller, less intelligent Rushers. Female Gorn were typically bipedal with silky red or aquamarine skin, while the larger Gorn Lieutenants were blue. Initiates received bio-enhancements to become muscular, armored Warriors or Brutes.

Bipedal purple Gorn with head crests served as Guardians, while nine feet tall Gorn served as Sentinels. Gorn Scouts who could crawl on walls and camouflage served as snipers. The Commander was the largest known Gorn, standing ten feet tall and bearing three prominent head crests.

A mutant known as the Champion closely resembled the prime reality Gorn, lacking a long tail but possessing a bulky frame.

The Gorn spoke in an untranslatable series of growls and barks. They are viviparous, giving birth to vicious live young.


In 2259, the Gorn invaded the Milky Way when scientists terraforming New Vulcan opened a tear in space-time with the Helios Machine. They stole the device and kidnapped the scientist T'Mar to gain knowledge of operating it, so they could create multiple rips in space and launch an invasion of the Federation on multiple fronts. Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock boarded the Gorn Mothership, destroyed the device and rescued T'Mar, before the rip closed, ending the Gorn threat. (TOS video game: Star Trek)

A more peaceful faction of Gorn separated from the Armada during the Milky Way invasion. They settled on Parthenon 559, but came into conflict with the Federation colonists there. After learning the colonists struck first, Kirk placed the planet under quarantine, deciding it was best to leave the Gorn alone. (TOS comic: "IDW Star Trek, Issue 24")

Culture and technologyEdit

The Gorn were a cruel, imperialistic race, and suicidally loyal to their tyrannical dictator. They stripmined every planet and enslaved or killed every other race in their galaxy, and would've done the same to the Milky Way.

The Gorn were extremely advanced, capable of transporting and striking anywhere, and utilized turrets, mines and attack drones that could inject enemies with a toxin that would turn their enemies on each other. They were experts in genetic engineering, and their weapons mixed organic and technological elements. They also possessed personal cloaking devices.

Known individualsEdit

Gorn ChampionGorn CommanderGorn Henchman
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