Gorn airship IDW Comics

A Gorn airship as seen through Starfleet binoculars.

A Gorn airship was a two-manned type of hover aircraft used by members of the Gorn Space Command. The airship had a speed of 0.17.

The speed was noted by a heads up display over a pair of Starfleet binoculars. However we don't know what speed scale this is based on.
Gorn airship tech IDW Comics

Tech drawings of a Gorn airship.

In the year 2282 General Rellk ordered the Gorn troops under his command to launch airships to find the Humans that had crash landed on his training planetoid. Originally three airships were sent out to aid in the search and rescue efforts. When Rellk believed that the Humans had killed the Physician Thak he ordered all airships to the skies to hunt down the Humans. When the airships and other members of the war party had arrived at the crash site of the shuttlecraft Kepler (NCC-1864/05), Thak had been healed and was able to stop a possible massacre.

Real worldEdit

The designs of the Gorn airship were drawn by Paolo Maddaleni.


(ST - Alien Spotlight comic: "Alien Spotlight: The Gorn")

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