Gorrik, son of Gannik was a male Klingon, the eldest son of Gannik of the House of Gannik.

In mid 2376, following the death of his father, Gorrik became head of his House. At the same time, he received an anonymous message from someone within the Great Hall, informing him of the existence of a camp on Carraya IV which housed survivors of the Khitomer Massacre. Gorrik destroyed the camp in order to seize L'Kor, a prisoner with whom Gorrik's father had had a long-standing feud.

Gorrik brought L'Kor to Kovris V, where he subjected the older man to a mind-sifter in order to learn the secrets his father had believed he knew. However, Gorrik was tracked down by Imperial Intelligence agent Lorgh, and he was killed at the hands of L'Kor. (KE novel: A Burning House)

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