Gothmara, daughter of Kultan was a Klingon female alive in the 24th century. She was the daughter of Kultan, who was a General in the Klingon Defense Force.

As a young woman, Gothmara served on her father's flagship, along with Martok, son of Urthog - who was her romantic interest at the time. Gothmara had been opposed to the improving relations between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. She had also been conducting a number of illicit experiments on her father's ship. When Martok discovered this he confronted Gothmara. She rendered Martok unconscious, and took advantage of the situation to conceive a son, Morjod. Kultan's ship was destroyed shortly afterwards, with both Martok and Gothmara escaping.

Over the years, Gothmara performed a number of procedures on her son, one of which would transform him into a Hur'q when the time came. In the following years, Gothmara bided her time until the opportunity arose to take revenge against her former lover Martok.

That opportunity came in 2376 after Martok had become Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. After Martok returned to Qo'noS, Gothmara and Morjod staged a coup against Martok, briefly deposing him from office. Destroying the Great Hall, the two managed to kill most of the High Council members. In the initial attack, Martok's wife Sirella died, as did Martok's daughters Shen and Lazhna.

Martok swore revenge against both Morjod and Gothmara for the deaths of his wife and children, and began gathering forces loyal to him. This included Worf, son of Mogh, Ezri Dax, and Emperor Kahless. Rallying a large force to his cause, Martok's forces engaged the coup's forces in a large battle on Boreth. Morjod and Martok fought each other, and Morjod was soon defeated. Holding Morjod in his arms while he died, Martok apologized to his son, and vowed to make things right. Heading into the monastery, Martok confronted Gothmara. She tried to use a projection of Sirella to distract Martok long enough to stab him, but Martok decapitated Gothmara with the Sword of Kahless.

Following the death, Martok was restored as Chancellor of the High Council, and began working to repair all the damage done by the coup. (DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny novels: Book One, Book Two)

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