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Government House

Government House was a large building, a skyscraper located in the city of San Francisco on Earth in the 23rd century.

The orange-colored, 200-story building was constructed in an architectural style known as mid-century modern [1] [2]. The primary structure was vertical with arched columns at the top and narrow vertical windows running the length of the structure. At least three escalators faced the west side. A skyway extended from the north side of the building. The secondary structure was arched on top and flat in the front with matching vertical windows.

The skyscraper contained office space and/or residence for Vice-Chairman Fado, one of three chairs for the Federation Supreme Council. His secretary Ilana was seen there. The building also had at least one coffee shop.

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In the year 2266, James T. Kirk was held under city detention in San Francisco pending a court martial on charges of treason. Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott were left to follow leads aboard the USS Enterprise while Kirk began an investigation limited to the city. After being surgically altered to look like a Dridian, his first move was to sabotage an elevator at Government House in order to form a bond with Vice-Chairman Fado's secretary Ilana. She revealed that Fado was next in line to succeed the supreme chairman thanks to having been able to indict Kirk. She also named the source of incriminating footage of Kirk, Nuri Jakarz. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

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  • "Government House" was the official name of residences for some governors in the United States and other nation states historically connected to Britain, also sometimes serving as places where official business was conducted. [3] Given the history of the name, it was very likely that Vice-Chairman Hajara and the supreme chairman of the Council also maintained office space and/or residences in the building.
  • Although the name of the city where the building was located was not cited in "The Trial of Captain Kirk", Kirk was ordered to report directly to the supreme council of the "Federated Planets Supreme Headquarters," which seemed to be Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. Kirk was detained the moment he landed and was in front of the Federation Supreme Council in the next panel.

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