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Grace was a 24th century Human female. By the late 2350s, Grace was serving as an assistant to Mark Roper, head of the Federation embassy on the planet Betazed.

Grace assumed her role in 2356 and, over the next three years, became invaluable to Roper as she arranged all his meetings and informed him of any overlaps in his appointments and reminded him when he had any prior engagements. Although she proved invaluable in arranging his diary, Roper sometimes complained that she rarely made him coffee, and never offered to make it.

When Lieutenant William T. Riker reported to Roper as the Starfleet liaison in 2359, Roper and Grace were hastily arranging a last-minute visit by the Rigellian ambassador. As Riker made himself comfortable, Grace offered to make coffee, leading Roper to believe that Riker had a way with women. (TNG novel: Imzadi)

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