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Gral was an Ferengi businessman who lived in the 24th century.

In 2369, Gral was invited to Deep Space 9 by Grand Nagus Zek, who wanted to announce the beginning of the Ferengi Alliance's business venture in the Gamma Quadrant. At the same meeting, Zek announced he was retiring and named Quark as his successor. Gral was outraged, calling Quark "a lobeless amateur". Gral later indirectly threatened Quark by claiming he wanted to protect him. (DS9 episode: "The Nagus")

Sometime before or later, Gral was on Risa playing a game with several people, including a Human. Gral had a receiver in his lobes through which Krax and others guided him through the game. Gral was exposed when the Human next to him heard the receiver, which had been improperly placed by Krax. (DS9 novel: The Big Game)

The above event could be the reason why Gral and Krax were antagonistic towards each other in "The Nagus" if it took place before the meeting on DS9. The script of episode indicated that there was "no love lost" between them.

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