Grax was a Klingon smuggler and captain of the Klingon Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2288, Grax and his ship, the IKS lurDech smuggled weapons to Domine Ravia and her group, The Circle on Skellen III. He was part of a renegade conspiracy group that wished to replace the Emperor and his Council to make war on the Federation with allies such Ravia. However, when the USS Enterprise-A under Captain James T. Kirk arrived to investigate the mining colony's manger Jebitok claims of the Circle being supplied by the Klingons, Grax became concerned and contacted Ravia. Grax then met her at the Skellen III Docking Facility to discuss his supply problems and how he and other klingons would build a new empire. However, Grax then heard con artists, Socrates and Shilo and tried to kill them. However, he and Ravia failed to kill them before they escaped.

Upon his return to Klingon territory, Grax and the lurDech then came under attack by Commodore Khezri and his flagship, the IKS Qapla. He was then terminated along with the other conspirators, except for Karl Tomlinson, the Klingon's mole in Starfleet. (TOS - Revisitations comics: "Mission: Muddled", "The Sky Above...The Mudd Below", "Target: Mudd!")

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