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Dwight Graydon "Gray" Morrow (1934-2001) was an American comic book and paperback cover artist. From 1986-1990, he illustrated five Star Trek: The Original Series comic books and a cover for DC Comics, as well as two character portraits for the reference work Who's Who in Star Trek.

He was a three-time Hugo Award nominee. He co-created Marvel Comics' Man-Thing with Star Trek writer Gerry Conway.

Among his diverse credits, he illustrated the Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Tarzan comic strips, painted more than 50 Perry Rhodan paperback covers, and was the art director of the 1968 Spider-Man animated TV series. He drew seven stories as the art director of Charlton Comic's b/w Space:1999 magazine, and hired Vicente Alcázar and Carlos Pino to do eight others. He drew the 1989 graphic novel Dreamwalker with co-writer Bill Mumy.

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