The Great Brothers were deities that featured in Romulan beliefs who were known as the "D'ravsai"' in their native language. According to their religion, the Romulans were not native to their homeworld but rather transplanted to it by a race of god-like super beings that brought their ancestors to that world. These early savage Romulans were given a task by these alien entities to build a Road to the Stars so that they might one day join their "Great Brothers".

These entities may have been the Preservers or Sargon's people or possibly the Vhorani in ancient Vulcan myths.

The religious writings of the Romulans state that the planet they occupied was poor in natural resources and was purposely done so in order to test the Romulan spirit. Above this world was a moon which contained all the resources they needed to build the "road". All that was required from the Romulans was whether their strength and determination was able to fulfill their destiny.

The FASA material postulates that the Romulans were transplanted to Romulus, however, the information could be re-interpreted to mean their time on Vulcan before the Sundering.

The relationship between the Romulans and the Great Brothers is not entirely clear to outsiders but what is known is that each family household has a shrine or family temple where there exists various different gods. While the Romulans pray to these deities, they do not expect a response and their faith has no official leaders. (FASA RPG module: The Romulans)

During the Earth-Romulan War, Commander T'Voras prayed to the D'ravsai for the success of his mission against the Terrans. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

Starfleet became aware of the religion of the Great Brothers after analysis on the Eridam Papers. The paper made by Doctor Valerie Ho, the Professor of Comparitive Religion at the University of Luna details the material in her book Communing With The Great Brothers. (FASA RPG module: The Romulans)

Cretak invoked the name of the D'ravsai in 2386. (DS9 novel: Force and Motion)

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