The Great Material Continuum is a Ferengi belief which speaks of a binding force that connects the universe together. In this universe, there exists worlds which possess some material in excess while others it lacks. The Great Material Continuum serves as a connecting force that allows the movement of material from one point to another among the worlds of the universe. Its been described as a "Great River" with the Ferengi ensuring that those things that are provided are replaced with adequate means or by payment. (DS9 episodes: "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River", "The Dogs of War")

It was believed by the Ferengi people that should the "Great River" ever return to its source then the end of all existence would happen. They also believed that should one actually predict where the river would flow then the individual would effectively be able to predict the future.

Some groups of Ferengi believe that, when the Great Material River first overflowed its banks, a great flood encompassed the stars that created Ferenginar and the Ferengi race. (DS9 - Millennium novel: The War of the Prophets)

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