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The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx was a statue of a sphinx located on Earth in the nation of Egypt.

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In 2266, the Sphinx collapsed as the result of a sort of voodoo attack. Count Dressler fired a laser beam at a papier-mâché recreation of Earth and struck its own Sphinx, which collapsed, causing the real one to topple at the exact same time on Earth. (TOS comic: "The Voodoo Planet")

In 2267 on Timshel, James T. Kirk described the Joy Machine to Zworykin by comparing it to the birth of Jesus Christ and the Great Sphinx. Of the statue, he cited a myth in which it once came to life and would pose riddles of those who passed by, killing those who answered wrongly. (TOS novel: The Joy Machine)


Sphinx on Zeta Reticuli II

In 2274, a nearly identical sphinx statue was discovered on Zeta Reticuli II. It was a robot which attacked a landing party from the USS Enterprise, killing security officer Ralston with phased light beams from its eyes. (TOS comic: "We Are Dying, Egypt, Dying!")

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