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Greg Adams is a comic book inker who worked on the first twelve issues of the Star Trek: Early Voyages series.


Number Title Published Image
1 Flesh of My Flesh 1st February 1997 EV1.jpg
2 The Fires of Pharos 2nd March 1997 EV2.jpg
3 Our Dearest Blood 3rd April 1997 EV3.jpg
4 Nor Iron Bars a Cage 4th May 1997 EV4.jpg
5 Cloak and Dagger (part 1) 5th June 1997 EV5.jpg
6 Cloak and Dagger (part 2) 6th July 1997 EV6.jpg
7 The Flat, Gold Forever 7th August 1997 EV7.jpg
8 Immortal Wounds 8th September 1997 EV8.jpg
9 One of a Kind 9th October 1997 EV9.jpg
10 The Fallen (part 1) 10th November 1997 EV10.jpg
11 The Fallen (part 2) 11th December 1997 EV11.jpg
12 Futures 12th January 1998 EV12.jpg


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