Greywolf was a Human man, an ensign who served in the sciences division aboard the USS Enterprise in the 2270s. He was of Native American ethnicity.

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In 2273, a transporter malfunction possibly killed James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Nyota Uhura as they were beaming down to tropical Abaris. Spock asked Hikaru Sulu and Greywolf to help search for them. After reaching the surface in a Federation travel pod, Greywolf located footprints at the beam-down site, tracks which dead-ended at a three-meter-tall pyramid. A door in the pyramid revealed a ramp downward, but Greywolf felt uncomfortable, perhaps subconsciously aware that they were being followed. As they climbed down, he found disturbed dust and other signs of the missing officers. He suggested they take a fork in the tunnel and emerged within a bioluminescent chamber full of carvings, fungal life and some wallaby-like animals. They located archeologists Elsa Hoff and Paul Hoff, and eventually found the missing officers. His intuition about being followed proved correct when Abaris pirate threatened them with a phaser rifle. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")

In February 2274, the crews of the USS Enterprise and USS Venture were captured by Husians. Greywolf was near Kirk when spiritual leader Edrem sentenced both crews to slave labor, with men working in a titanium mine and women working in grain fields. He was also nearby when Tulb suggested he might be able to pull his flexible Distotian skull out through his restraints. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")

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