Ds9 Grigari ship shot 1

DSN The Fallen Grigari Warship 1

Ds9 Grigari ship shot 2

DSN The Fallen Grigari warship 2

Ds9 Grigari ship shot 3

DSN The Fallen Grigari warship 3

The Grigari warship (also known as the Grigari assault ship) was a type of starship used by the Grigari civilization. The role of this ship is to disable and board other vessels using EM pulse cannons and breaching pods.


In 2374, an assault ship of this type attacked the Bajoran science vessel Ke'el Tul near the Denorios Belt. Thanks to the efforts of the crew of the USS Defiant, the Grigari have been forced to retreat and the crew of the Ke'el Tul was saved, although the Ke'el Tul herself was destroyed.

A few days later, a battalion of Grigari shocktroops led by Obanak Keelen boarded Deep Space 9 so he can unite the three red orbs of the Pah-wraiths. Thanks to the crew of DS9 and the Defiant, Obanak was stopped, many Grigari killed or forced to retreat and one of the assault ships destroyed. The shockwave of the explosion disabled the Defiant sensors and impulse engines. (DS9 video game: The Fallen)


The Grigari Warship shows similarities to the Shivan's Sathanas-class Juggernaught, which appears in the PC Game Freespace 2. It is not known if this similarity was accidental or intended. [1]

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