Griggs was a male Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century.


In 2243, Griggs was among a group of Starfleet Academy cadets, which included Number One, assigned to the Constitution-class NX-0002's shakedown cruise. (TOS - Crew comic: "Shakedown")

In the mid-to-late 2240s Griggs had graduated from the Academy and was an officer serving aboard the USS Fortune. (TOS comic: "The Bottle")

By the turn of the 2270s decade, Griggs had been promoted to rear admiral and was part of a board which ordered Commodore Robbins to use a captured cloaking device to take on the Romulans at their own game. Griggs agreed with Robbins that Starfleet shouldn't become like the Romulans and went on record to protest the orders, but he was overuled by a more senior admiral. (TOS comic: "Schism, Issue 2")


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