This character is a member of Worf's family.

Grilka is a female Klingon. Born in the 24th century, she was the widow of Kozak and the ex-wife of Quark. Due to a special dispensation granted by the Klingon High Council, she is the current leader of the House of Grilka.

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She was first married to Kozak, the leader of what was then known as the House of Kozak—a prominent Great House of the Klingon Empire. Kozak was also a notorious drunkard who gambled much of the family's wealth away, accumulating large gambling debts as a result. In 2371, Kozak died after accidentally falling on his own knife at Quark's bar on Deep Space 9, before he and Grilka could produce a male heir. Seeking to boost business, Quark claimed that he had intentionally killed Kozak in personal combat. Taking this as an opportunity to seize Kozak's holdings, Kozak's enemy D'Ghor traveled to Deep Space 9 and convinced Quark to maintain the story. Because the death was reported to be in combat instead of an accident, the Council was not able to grant special dispensation, which would have allowed Grilka to lead the House on her own.

Traveling to Deep Space 9, she confronted Quark, learning that the death was an accident. Kidnapping Quark, she brought him back to Qo'noS, where she forced Quark to marry her at knifepoint. By doing so, Grilka was able to prevent the council from dissolving her House, which had been temporarily renamed as the House of Quark. Quark and Grilka soon discovered that D'Ghor had been manipulating Kozak financially. When D'Ghor was willing to murder Quark in cold blood, Chancellor Gowron realized that Quark's accusations were true. D'Ghor was discommended by Gowron and the High Council. Afterwards, the council granted Grilka special dispensation, allowing her to lead the House on her own. Grilka granted Quark a divorce, and assumed leadership of her House, now known as the House of Grilka. (DS9 episode: "The House of Quark")

During the Empire's conflicts with the Federation and the Cardassian Empire, Grilka's House suffered serious losses in both personnel and equipment. Returning to Deep Space 9, she asked Quark once again for financial advice. While Worf was quite interested in her, Grilka instead renewed her relationship with Quark. (DS9 episode: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Before or during the Dominion War Grilka took J'nek, a warrior serving on her ship, as her mate. Near the end of the war she bore him a daughter, Koren. J'nek was killed in action during the war. (STO mission: "Day of Honor")

In 2385, she became romantically involved with Worf. The next year the couple married and in 2388 she gave birth to her first son, K'Dhan. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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