Grodak was a Klingon that served as a minor official in the Klingon Empire's diplomatic corps during the 2260s.

In 2267, he was approached by Proconsul Toqel of the Romulan Star Empire when she was investigating the possibility of an alliance between their respective nations. In that same year Grodak would meet with Toqel and Vice Proconsul Ditrius at his residence on Narendra III. It was at his home far in the woods that the early details for technology exchange were established. Then, later in 2267, Grodak led a force of Klingon ships against the Federation base on Theta Cobrini V and then used it to attack the Romulan vessels that had also been sent to attack the base, leading to the destruction of the Romulan-controlled IKS Vo'qha. (ST novella: The First Peer)

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