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This article is about the STO mission. You may be looking for TOS comic: "Ground Zero".

"Ground Zero" was a Federation mission in Star Trek Online. It was formerly the tenth mission of the "Romulan Mystery" episode, but was combined with its sequel "Taris" as part of the 29 January 2015 revamp of the mission series for the game's fifth anniversary.


How much do you know about the destruction of Romulus, <rank>?

The initial explosion did not occur in the Romulus System. It was in the Hobus System, which had planets being mined for decalithium.

The supernova acted counter to almost all we know about this type of phenomena. The initial explosion converted the mass of the planets it consumed into energy, which then travelled through subspace. Ultimately, the Romulus System was destroyed, and along with it, the Romulan homeworld.

Unchecked, the force of this chain reaction detonation could have threatened the entire quadrant. It was Ambassador Spock who sealed the rift by using red matter to create an artificial black hole.

The Hobus system has been off-limits to normal traffic since Spock and the Romulan know as Nero were lost there. Even Empress Sela respects the quarantine.

Admiral Janeway conducted the first scientific survey of the Hobus system in 2388. Since then, we've been sending ships out on a regular basis to survey the system and attempt to determine a cause for what happened.

I need you to conduct your own investigation. Perhaps, after all this time, the U.S.S. <shipname> will be the one to solve the mystery.


Reman Commander Karatek instructs the player not to go deeper into the Hobus system than the third planetoid. The player studies the planetoid and detects traces of protomatter and silver fragments from a short distance away. The IRW Sithesh opens fire, but the player forces it back into cloak and scans the second planetoid, revealing evidence of a failed mining operation and traces of protomatter, decalithium, and tekasite, as well as a force field over the first planetoid. The Sithesh resumes its assault, but the player repels it and beams down to the first planetoid.

On the planetoid, the player collects samples of the three elements that he/she detected earlier, and battles Reman guards. Next, he/she consults with his/her away team and learns that the Hobus supernova may have been a deliberate act. The player stabilizes the Reman mining equipment to keep it from destroying the planetoid. Karatek beams down to attack but escapes before he can be defeated. The player beams back to his/her ship and confronts the Sithesh, destroying it in battle, before returning to Federation space to alert Admiral T’nae of his/her discovery.




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