The Guardians Errant are a group within the Gorn Hegemony who are considered a band of explorers and adventurer's society.

The Guardians are a semi-independent council of Gorn knights who travel across the frontier in search for adventure, artifacts and a place to create their own personal seat. Its members have been known to form exploratory expeditions to search for glory, fortune and power.

The members of this group vary from noble defenders of the realm to opportunists. Its been said that they represent the betters aspects of Gorn society, namely: ability, cunning, leadership, and personal strength.

Most of their power comes from the leadership of the Hegemony who have been known to make special Decrees to keep the Guardians Errant in control. The Guardians are known to keep an arms length away from politics. However, this does not stop them from commenting on it.

(TOS video game: Starfleet Command)

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