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Guh was a settlement on the planet Angira. It was a feudal farming village.


Guh was one of 11 communities occupying a 100-kilometer-long by 20-kilometer-wide valley near the province of Kotah. It was built five kilometers from the northern edge of the valley. Angiran houses were whitewashed and placed along seemingly random winding streets. A wall defended the town's perimeter.

Guh and the other villages were governed by a local Committee made up of councilors from each village. The Committee had the authority to organize and direct a local militia.


In the 22nd century, residents of Guh were not allowed to leave the valley without approval of a lord, but the treed land around the towns was open for hunting game and collecting firewood. In the 2250s, Prince Vikram's father confiscated those lands for himself, then issued permits for its use. Most harvested food became heavily taxed, with funds going to the king.

In 2266, Hikaru Sulu, Urmi, Prince Vikram and an injured Spock traversed the valley while fleeing from victors of a coup d'état, and stayed overnight in Goh in Pagu's home, as the valley's Committee debated whether to hold them hostage. After Committee councilors elected to do that, Vikram's fencing skills easily disarmed them and they fled in fear. Sulu, Vikram and Urmi then proceeded to Kotah, leaving Spock in Pagu's care.

After encountering Sulu, Vikram and Urmi near Kotah, coup sympathist Lord Bhima suspected that Spock might still be in Guh. Bhima's men burned the village and killed many of its citizens while capturing Pagu and Spock. (TOS novel: Shadow Lord)


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