Gumdrop was a Vulcan Gingerbread woman and one of several councillors of Gingerbread Colony in the Winter Wonderland pocket dimension. Gumdrop was a lieutenant in the Gingerbread defense force and wore a military-green hat. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")

History[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Gumdrop had been a member of the colonial council since at least 2409. Since then, the colony came under attack from the Snowman Baron and his snowman minions regularly. Gumdrop was one of the three councillors, including Nutmeg and Cinnamon, who were surrounded by angry snowmen and snowman minions. An elite away team from the Alpha Quadrant Alliance responded to Mayor Truffles request to fight back the attacking snowmen, and the team saved the three councillors by tagging them and beaming them back to the mayor's house. (STO mission: "Winter Invasion")

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