In the mirror universe, Ensign Gunnd was a Lagorian and the flight controller of the Galactic Commonwealth Starfleet jaunt ship ShiKahr. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)


In January 2386, Ensign Gunnd replaced Zareth as the senior flight controller after the latter was killed when the ShiKahr was boarded by a Breen Confederacy Spetzkar elite commando from the primary universe. Thanks to the intervention of the free starship Enterprise, the Breen were repelled.

The Spetzkar boarded the ShiKahr once again soon after, killing all Starfleet personnel this time. Gunnd was shot while on duty on the bridge. Captain sh'Pherron heard Gunnd's death cries. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

It is unknown whether or not Gunnd has a counterpart in the primary universe.



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