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Gwyn , short for Gwyndala[1], was a 24th century Vau N'Akat woman. In the 2380s decade, she resided in the Tars Lamora prison colony, overseen by her father , who held the title of "the Diviner". Gwyn herself was addressed by the Diviner's servants as "Progeny of Solum", or "Progeny", for short. (PRD episode: "Lost and Found")


Gwyn's beginning

In 2366, after growing weak in his search for the Protostar, along with the fact his species was on the verge of extinction, the Diviner decided to create an offspring using his DNA as a template.

Gwyn was employed by the Diviner and his personnel in the colony, which included an industrial operation based on slave labor. The Diviner prevented the slaves from accessing universal translators. Instead, his machines used UTs, while Gwyn herself was proficient in several languages. She spoke the language of Dal R'El, whose species was unknown even to himself.

Gwyn with Caitian child.

In the year 2383, Gwyn threatened a Kazon {dis|slaver|profession}} when his latest delivery was a Caitian child. Gwyn warned the Kazon that if he ever delivered another prisoner that young, the Kazon himself would be working in the mines. The Diviner's lieutenant, Drednok, warned Gwyn that she did not speak for her father.

When the Diviner suspected Dal to conspire with the rogue Medusan Zero, Gwyn was assigned to interrogate Dal.

Gwyn, Progeny of Solum.

Dal is brought to a room with Gwyn, and she gives him some honey lychee as she asks him about his recent escape attempt. Dal responds that he hadn't entirely thought of his escape plan, and merely seized an opportunity that he saw. Gwyn then suspects that Dal and Fugitive Zero are in league with one another, since Zero's act of sabotage took place at the same time Dal tried to escape. Dal gives some snarky responses, but Gwyn tells him that if he helps her find Fugitive Zero, the Diviner will free him. Dal then says that if she gets him passage on the Kazon vessel, he will tell her all about Fugitive Zero. However, as Dal refers to Zero as a "him", Gwyn clarifies that as Zero is Medusan, they are neither a he or she. Learning that Zero is Medusan, and therefore telepathic, Dal is surprised to realize that the voice he heard in his cell was Zero. However, this surprise also reveals to Gwyn that Dal knows nothing about Fugitive Zero, and has him taken away. Dal then tells her that he heard Zero in his cell, and is confident that he can find them. Gwyn gives him a day to locate Fugitive Zero, and if he's unsuccessful, he will be turned over to Drednok.

The Protostar.

Dal subsequently made several allies among the laborers, and Gwyn became their prisoner when the crew of children and teenagers, plus Zero, escaped aboard the derelict Federation starship USS Protostar. Dal and his folks tied Gwyn to the command chair on the ship's bridge. She was present when the Brikarian Rok-Tahk accidentally summoned the emergency training hologram, Kathryn Janeway. (PRD episode: "Lost and Found")

Gwyn eventually was transferred to the brig. She was able to escape for a brief time when the ship was caught in the gravity well of a binary star. She attempted to flee the ship aboard a Protostar escape pod, however was prevented from doing so when all were jettisoned. When Gwyn learned of the ship's vehicle replicator she attempted to create a shuttlecraft, but was stopped by Rok and returned to the brig. (PRD episode: "Starstruck")

The Rev-12

When marooned with her de facto crew members on Murder Planet, Gwyn briefly injured her leg and was forced to cooperate with them to survive. She was devastated when her father, the Diviner, chose to attempt leaving with Protostar rather than rescuing his daughter from the planet's dangerous vegetation. After being saved by the crew, she engaged the the ship's Protostar drive to escape her father's pursuit in the Rev-12. (PRD episodes: "Dream Catcher", "Terror Firma")

Following their escape, Gwyn struggled finding a new role on the ship while she recovered both from her leg injuries and her emotional trauma. After having a discussion with Zero, she realized that her skills in language and interpretation were incredibly useful. She was able to crack the unusual encryptions on the Protostar's logs written in the language of her homeworld, Solum, that were preventing Hologram Janeway from accessing some of her memories. This also revealed the identity of the Protostar's former captain, Chakotay. (PRD episode: "Kobayashi")

Gwyn was able to communicate with the Cymari, whose "language" was told through the manipulation of matter. (PRD episode: "First Con-tact") She was also able to modify Hologram Janeway's program to prevent the Diviner altering her code.



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