General Gyero Minza was a top-ranking Tezwan military commander, having been installed into his position by Prime Minister Kinchawn upon his ascension to power.

After Kinchawn opened fire upon and destroyed a Klingon Defense Force fleet using nadion-pulse cannons build on Tezwa, Kinchawn began to fear that his deputy Prime Minister Bilok, working in concert with Federation Presidential Chief of Staff Koll Azernal, sought to remove him from power by force. Kinchawn ordered Minza to seek out and kill any who would oppose his stance in these dangerous times. Minza obeyed and sent assassins to kill senior members of the Gatni Party, only partially succeeding in his mission.

When the nadion cannons were neutralized and a second Klingon fleet orbited the planet potentially to destroy them, Kinchawn executed emergency protocol Jee-lim ko'Cha, and Minza was one of the loyal officers who fled into exile with the Prime Minister. While in exile, General Minza oversaw the entirety of their insurgency efforts, striking primarily at trinae targets, from a temporary command post in an abandoned hotel in Anara-Zel. It was here that Starfleet security officers, including Scott Fillion were able to capture him.

In containment on the USS Enterprise-E's Brig, Minza was subjected to a number of methods in an attempt to gain critical intelligence regarding the Enterprise's captured first officer Commander William Riker, overseen by Counselor Deanna Troi. The methods ranged from quickly varying temperatures, continuous playback of casualty reports, and randomly selected Klingon opera and other performance pieces, preventing him from sleeping for any considerable length of time. Overall, General Minza refused to be goaded into revealing any information, although Starfleet Special Operations operative Rolando Valentin was able to provoke a reaction from the General by barking marching cadences of a particularly vulgar nature.

Eventually Minza was able to engage Troi in conversation, insisting he was loyal to the office of Prime Minister, not necessarily Kinchawn in particular. As Minza had expected to die in battle every day, the weak and idle threats that the Federation limited their Starfleet officers to did little to sway the General. Minza did reveal that he had been responsible for supervising the construction of the nadion-pulse cannons and their firebases, and although he originally suggested he knew nothing of their logistics or procurement, he later admitted to knowing their origins along with secrets that would shake the Federation to its core and set it on the path to destruction.

The new Tezwan Minister of Justice Dasana journeyed to the Enterprise-E to take custody of Minza, charging him with the high crimes of treason, conspiracy to commit treason, premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, acts of mass destruction, dereliction of duty, and desertion. Even after being handed over, no one was able to gain useful information from him before he was executed as a criminal of state. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

Minza's adjunct was man named Olorun Meboras. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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