Hören Rygis.

Hören Rygis was a male Bajoran who lived in the mid 24th century. Hören was a member of the resistance during the Occupation of Bajor, and during that time rose to led the Redemptorists sect.

During the Occupation, Hören met Kira Nerys in the aftermath of a raid on a Cardassian outpost, and saved her life during the counterattack. Hören gave Kira directions to a nearby resistance base, and the two split up to have a better chance of reaching safety.

Shortly after the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, Hören and a group of Redemptorists found themselves excluded from the Provisional Government. The group seized a Bajoran temple with a number of hostages inside, and proceeded to murder the hostages until their demands were met. Kira, who was by then a member of the Militia was put in charge of a plan to put an end to the standoff. Her team stormed the temple, and rescued most of the hostages. Most of the Redemptorists died in the government response, however Hören had escaped long before then, and started broadcasting to other Bajorans. In the aftermath of the raid, Hören swore revenge upon Kira.

When the Federation took control of Deep Space 9, Hören was smuggled on board the station, and was on board the quarantine module when it was taken into the Gamma Quadrant to serve as a temporary base to secure Bajoran claims on the space near that end of the Bajoran wormhole. The Redemptorists on Deep Space Nine sabotaged the shuttle carrying the module to the Gamma Quadrant so that the impulse engines would not function unless used without buffers - which would injure the inhabitants of the wormhole. Doctor Julian Bashir and Major Kira used explosives to send the module the rest of the way from the wormhole in to the Gamma Quadrant. Bashir remained on board the shuttle to fire the explosives, and Kira was alone on board the module with Hören. After the module was gone, an automated routine left by the Redemptorists caused the shuttle's engines to fire, and the Prophets responded by closing the wormhole, which kept Commander Benjamin Sisko from sending assistance to Kira or Bashir.

Hören made several attempts to to kill Kira over the next few hours. Doctor Bashir was able to communicate with the Prophets, and was sent by them into a future where they would not be harmed by the impulse engines so that Bashir could escape the wormhole. Once Bashir left the wormhole, he was returned to the present, and both Kira and Doctor Bashir were finally able to stop Hören. (DS9 novel: Bloodletter).

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