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The Haakonians were a Delta Quadrant civilization. Their government was called the Haakonian Order. They were tall and pale-skinned, and, like most races, were susceptible to metreon poisoning. (VOY episode: "Jetrel")


Relations between the Haakonians and the Talaxians worsened in the 2340s decade, leading to a years-long Haakonian-Talaxian War. (VOY episode: "Jetrel")

By the 2350s, the populace on planet Haakon was dissatisfied under the economic strains stemming from the continued war effort, and even the people on Talax were aware that the Haakonians threatened to storm their government if the war did not end soon. (VOY novel: Pathways)

In 2356, they conquered Talax following the nearly decade-long war which concluded with the Haakonians' deployment of the metreon cascade on the Talaxian moon, Rinax. This weapon caused such devastation that it instantly ended the war, with the Talaxians yielding their homeworld and colonies to the Haakonians. (VOY episode: "Jetrel")

After the war, the Haakonians dissolved the Talaxian Navy and placed restrictions on the size of Talaxian starship classes. (Star Trek Adventures module: Delta Quadrant Sourcebook)

The Federation starship USS Voyager met an individual of the species, a scientist named Ma'Bor Jetrel, in 2371. He turned out to be the inventor of the metreon cascade, and worked with the Voyager crew, including its Talaxian morale officer Neelix, to recover the victims of Rinax using the ship's transporters. The effort was unsuccessful. (VOY episode: "Jetrel")

A Haakonian captain owned the sentient alien shuttlecraft Alice at some point before 2376. He fell under the influence of the Alice entity. Later, the shuttle was owned by Abaddon. (VOY episode: "Alice")

Due to a probable disagreement, by the late 24th century the Haakonians made it a point to no longer buy therhea grain from the Malons. (TNG novel: Q & A)

Mirror universe

In one permutation of the mirror universe, the Talaxians stole the metreon cascade technology after it was first used against them. Although the Talaxian population was decimated and scattered, they used this weapon of mass destruction to vicious effect against the Haakonians, causing their civilization to fall completely. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

Known Haakonians

  • Ma'Bor Jetrel
  • unnamed Haakonians:
    • Haakonian captain, Alice

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