Hagath in 2373.

Hagath was a male humanoid arms dealer who operated in the 24th century, and was in partnership with Gaila. Hagath treated his business associates like family until they crossed and "disappointed" him. Quite often those who disappointed him ended up dead shortly after.

As well as being an arms dealer, Hagath also had qualifications in engineering and anthropology. (CCG: Rules of Acquisition)

During the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Hagath had the foresight to supply weapons to the Bajoran Resistance as he knew that the Cardassians overconfidence would see them lose Bajor eventually. His gamble paid off, as he was able to operate safely in the Bajor sector without any interference from the grateful Bajorans. (DS9 episode: "Business as Usual")

Hagath began supplying weapons to the Bajorans in 2363. His Bajoran contact was Jas Holza. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Dawn of the Eagles)

In 2373, Hagath employed Gaila's cousin Quark, because his holosuites were ideal for showcasing and selling weapons without actually having any weapons aboard Deep Space 9. Shortly after, Hagath negotiated a deal with the Regent of Palamar for a biogenic weapon which would kill approximately 28 million people. However, Quark had an attack of conscience and invited the Regent's arch-enemy, General Nassuc, onto the station. A firefight broke out when the two groups met, and Hagath and Gaila were barely able to escape the station alive. (DS9 episode: "Business as Usual")

Hagath died sometime prior to 2376. (DS9 - Worlds of Deep Space Nine novella: Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed)

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