Vice chairman Hajara.

Hajara was a vice chairman of the Federation Supreme Council in 2266.


Hajara, along with the supreme chairman and vice chairman Fado, presided over the preliminary hearing in which Captain James T. Kirk was charged with accepting a bribe from an illegal mining operation. Fado submitted video evidence of Kirk meeting with Liji Bragg, the head of the operation, on the planet Zeayana. Kirk later discovered that the evidence had been faked by Nuri Jakarz at the behest of Hajara, Bragg's secret partner, who had promised him twenty million credits if he were to plead guilty and implicate Kirk. If the video was exposed as a fake, Fado would have been removed and Hajara would become the next supreme chairman. Before Hajara could fake Kirk's suicide, the captain knocked him out and brought him to justice. (TOS comic: "The Trial of Captain Kirk")

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