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Hamstringer blast hits the Enterprise.

The Hamstringer was a weapon that was mounted on at least one Kzinti warship in the 2270s.

History and specifics[]

The weapon creates an energy field that overloads artificial gravity generators. Historically, Kzinti employed planet-based weapons of this type. But when Kzinti captured a Bebebebeque colony on Mimit and turned it into a Kzinti ground base, they forced Beek engineers to develop miniaturized components for a similar weapon small enough to use in starship combat.

A Hamstringer was fitted aboard the Kzinti warship Giant Killer in the 2270s. The weapon was controlled by Arm-of-the-Hamstringer, a Kzinti weapons officer. It was field tested against practice targets, then fired twice at the Federation starship USS Enterprise in 2274. In the first engagement, deflector shields aboard the Enterprise were malfunctioning, and the starship incurred maximum damage from the weapon. It left the crew in zero gravity and caused phaser banks to malfunction. It also created an energy charge within the gravity stabilizers of anti-grav sleds used by visiting insectoid Bebebebeque aboard the starship, nullifying power fields and shutting them down. James T. Kirk was forced to flee at warp speed to save the ship.

In the second engagement, the shields were engaged and able to resist the weapon. (TOS comic: "The Wristwatch Plantation")