Handshake of Kirk and S'alath.

The handshake was a popular physical greeting on Earth between Humans. The custom began in Europe as a way to show that both parties had no weapons in their dominant hand.

History and specifics Edit

Starfleet Academy asked that officers not shake hands with other species. The handshake was an obscene gesture on at least five planets, and a declaration of war on another. (TOS novel: The Rift)

Ferengi like Balt did not like the Human handshake. (DS9 short story: "Barclay Program Nine")

In 2270, Captain James T. Kirk shook hands with Gorn captain S'alath. As a result, Kirk broke two fingers and suffered a fractured wrist, but it was worth it to Kirk. He was pleased that it resolved a diplomatic crisis and might lead to better relations. (TOS - Unlimited comic: "Dying of the Light")

In 2367 Captain Jean-Luc Picard had to refrain from trying to shake hands with the Tarn observer Harna Karish. The ritual of shaking hands is seen as an aggressive move by a Tarn too close to a foe. Instead the Tarn uses the Harma greeting. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

When Picard met with Benjamin Sisko after Sisko's encounter with the Prophets, Picard and Sisko shook hands. (DS9 episode: "Emissary")

When Flenn met Sisko, Flenn was intrigued by the notion of a handshake, realising the purpose behind it was to check if the other person had a weapon of some kind. (DS9 novel: Trial by Error)

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