Hanging was a method of execution used on Earth and other worlds. Often hanging involved having the condemned stand on a platform. A rope was placed around the condemned's neck and the platform was removed, or a door was opened underneath the condemned allowing him or her to drop several feet. Death occured when either the person's neck was broken or the person was asphyxiated.

In Cadiz in 712, Flint attempted suicide by hanging himself, but the rope was cut by his landlady, and he survived. (TOS novel: The Cry of the Onlies)

On a pre-warp planet, the primary species practice hanging when there were spies. The Enterprise's captain, Jonathan Archer and his armory officer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed were sentenced to hang, believing that they were alliance spies. (ENT episode: "The Communicator")

On a world populated by the descendants of humans kidnapped from Earth in the 19th century, several humans led by a man named Bennings hanged a Skagaran after the death of Clay Stanton. (ENT episode: "North Star")

Trelane once staged a mock trial of Captain James T. Kirk and passed the verdict that Kirk should hang by the neck until dead. (TOS episode: "The Squire of Gothos")

In 2349, Sedi Cwan hanged himself after failing to stop the Black Mass from devouring Rolisa. (NF novel: Dark Allies)

For Cardassians, a hanging acts dually as a form of torture and an execution. Because of the Cardassians' thick musculature around the neck, it takes some time (as much as a few days) for a hanging to kill the subjects.

Gul Marak performed hangings aboard the Swift Striker in 2370. One individual who Marak hanged was Lok. Berat was also afraid he'd be hanged for disobeying Subofficer Halek. (DS9 novel: Betrayal)

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