Hanley was a male human Starfleet officer in the early 23rd century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By 2246, Hanley held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and had been serving for many years as the weapons officer of the USS Aldrin, under Captain Kamnach. When Kamnach's former first officer had to take emergency leave in 2246, instead of Hanley being promoted to first officer, Lieutenant Commander Christopher Pike was given the position instead.

The Aldrin was sent out to the border of Vestian space when the Vestios system was gripped with unrest, in order to ensure that the unrest did not spill over into Federation space. Pike and a number of other crew members became concerned about Kamnach's aggressive behavior on the border, however Hanley was instead one of Kamnach's most vocal supporters on the ship.

Lt. Commander Pike was soon forced to relieve Captain Kamnach of command when Kamnach tried to provoke an incident with a Vestian ship after a message from Starfleet indicated that the situation in the Vestios system had stabilized. When Pike ordered Kamnach to be removed from the bridge, Lt. Commander Hanley fired lasers on the Vestian ship. The Aldrin was severely damaged when the Vestians returned fire, and Hanley himself was badly burned when his console overloaded. Pike took control, and had the Aldrin stand down. The Vestians confirmed that their civil war was over, and departed after accepting Pike's apology. Starfleet soon confirmed that the Vestian civil war was over, and ordered the Aldrin to return to Earth. Hanley was confined in the ship's brig.

Following the return of the Aldrin to Earth, Starfleet reviewed records and testimony, and found that Hanley was guilty of firing a laser weapon without authorization. Afterwards, Christopher Pike felt that at the least Hanley would never again be put in a position where he could recklessly endanger lives again. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

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