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Hannah was a 23rd century Human woman in the Kelvin timeline.


Hannah was born in Fresno, California, to parents who were both botanists. In 2255, she was a graduate student in botany at San Francisco State University and worked as a barista at Brewsky's, a coffeehouse in San Francisco, where she was befriended by Starfleet Academy Cadet James T. Kirk.

The previous year, Hannah had dated an Academy cadet who was self-centered and addicted to holodeck games, resulting in their breakup. Hannah was cynical about Starfleet and the Prime Directive, believing that Starfleet's real purpose was alliance and conquest. She discussed her opinions about scientific exploration with Kirk, warning him that his very presence in a so-called "discovery setting" would change it. While walking along Columbus Avenue with Hannah, Kirk saved her from three members of a gang known as the Mongol Saints by using an emergency transporter band to beam her to the Academy shuttle hangar while he beat up the gang members. Prior to Kirk's taking part in the Advanced Tactical Training Science mission final (the Tanika Station scenario), Hannah sent Kirk a present, a botanist's eyepiece, with a note reminding him to examine the undersides of leaves. A few days later, Hannah invited Kirk to "study" with her at her apartment. (TOS - SA novel: The Delta Anomaly)

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