Jagul Hanno was a Cardassian military officer during the 2360s that was well known for having a fearsome personality and a maverick streak. Hanno had at least one brother, and a niece, Lethra.

In 2362, Hanno went to Sunzek, after the destruction of the CDS Rekkel, in order to promote Laen Enkoa to the rank of dal and give him command of the CDS Lakar. (Hanno later admitted that he did this mainly to keep Enkoa in line, since Enkoa was engaged to be married to Lethra.) Hanno then led a fleet to Tantok Nor, near the Federation border, in order to demonstrate Cardassian strength and warn Starfleet away. During the fleet's time near the border, Enkoa attacked Setlik III, forcing Hanno's fleet to interfere to stop the senseless slaughter. Hanno stripped Enkoa of rank and sent him back to Cardassia for trial before reporting there himself to face the consequences of Enkoa's actions. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)

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