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Harb Tanzer was a male Human in the 23rd century and was recreation officer under the command of James T. Kirk on the USS Enterprise with the rank of Lieutenant from 2275-2282. Harb also served under Kirk on the USS Excelsior in 2285.


Harb was in charge of ship's Recreation, which was a sub-division of Medicine, and Harb reported directly to ship's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy.

Harb's duty was to keep morale on the ship high by providing new and different forms of entertainment for off-duty personnel. To this end, Harb utilized a computer system with an advanced (for its time) Artificial Intelligence that he dubbed Moira. Moira helped Harb develop such entertainments as Four-Dimensional Chess, computerized battle simulations, and projecting old two-dimensional videos for viewing. Dr. McCoy once even utilized Moira to secretly gain access to planetary computers of the Vulcan government.

When the ship was boarded by hostile Romulans led by Tafv tr'Rllaillieu, Harb helped to defend Rec Room One from the invaders. The transporter system in the Four-Dimensional Chess was later used to help free the Enterprise from Tafv's forces. By changing the circuitry they were able to beam time-delayed hand weapons using a Tricorder to get the location after a rescue party had given to them.

Although the artwork and coloring in his comic appearance is roughly done, it seems that Harb is wearing a lieutenant commander or commander insignia of Starfleet rank. He wears yellow divisional patches on his 2285 uniform jacket, despite his department being described by author Diane Duane as a medical or science division (meaning he should have worn green or grey insignia stripes). Also, due to a coloring error in Double Blind, Harb's hair was colored brown rather than the white described in the novels.