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Harbinger is the first Star Trek: Vanguard novel, written by David Mack. Harbinger was published by Pocket Books in 2005 and centers around the introduction of Operation Vanguard and its characters.


Returning from its historic first voyage to the edge of the galaxy, the damaged USS Enterprise journeys through the Taurus Reach, a vast and little-known region of space in which a new starbase has been unexpectedly established. Puzzled by the Federation's interest in an area so far from its borders and so near the xenophobic Tholian Assembly, Captain James T. Kirk orders the Enterprise to put in for repairs at the new space station: Starbase 47, also known as Vanguard.
As Kirk ponders the mystery of the enormous base, he begins to suspect that there is much more to Vanguard than meets the eye. It's a suspicion shared by the Tholians, the Orions, and the Klingon Empire, each of whom believes that there are less than benign motives behind the Federation's sudden and unexplained desire to explore and colonize the Taurus Reach.
But when a calamity deep within the Reach threatens to compromise Starfleet's continued presence in the region, Kirk, Spock, and several key specialists from the Enterprise must assist Vanguard's crew in investigating the cause of the disaster and containing the damage. In the process, they learn the true purpose behind the creation of Vanguard, and what the outcome of its mission may mean for life throughout that part of the galaxy.


In the year 2263, while exploring the Taurus Reach, Matthew Decker and the USS Constellation discover a mysterious meta-genome on Ravanar IV, an unexplored planet. Realizing the genetic structure is too complex to study with a starship's resources, the data is submitted to Starfleet Command for a more thorough analysis.

Two years later, after the confrontation with Gary Mitchell on Delta Vega, James T. Kirk is looking for a port to obtain repairs for the Enterprise. The most accessible location found is Starbase 47, also known as Vanguard, a Watchtower-class space station recently completed in the Taurus Reach. Kirk and Spock discuss how strange it is that this giant starbase was built in a remote location so quickly and seems to have facilities beyond what would be useful in the sector due to the Federation's limited interest in the frontier between Tholian and Klingon territories.

Meanwhile on Ravanar IV, Cervantes Quinn, a middle aged alcoholic courier is seeking to steal a sensor screen generator from a mining camp there for his debtor, an Orion merchant-prince named Ganz. He is discovered by the miners and escapes, damaging the generator in the process. The mining colony turns out to be a front for a Starfleet base doing covert research on the planet.

On Vanguard, journalist Timothy Pennington is having an affair with Starfleet officer Oriana D'Amato, helmsman for the Miranda-class USS Bombay. Pennington's wife is arriving at the station soon, as is D'Amato's husband who is an officer aboard the Enterprise. The Bombay is soon called away to deliver a replacement sensor screen generator to Ravanar IV, leaving Pennington and Oriana's husband mourning her earlier departure. When the Bombay arrives, it is attacked and disabled by several Tholian vessels who then begin bombarding the base below. Realizing the supply run has become a suicide mission, the Bombay attacks to defend the base, destroying a few Tholian vessels before self destructing to destroy another ship. To protect the secrecy of the base, Commodore Diego Reyes of Vanguard covers up that it was destroyed by Tholian vessels.

Grieving, yet trying to cover up his affair, Pennington gathers everything of D'Amato's in his quarters and goes to the base's storage facility to remove anything of his from D'Amato's storage unit. While there, he overhears intelligence officer T'Prynn confront Quinn for destroying the sensor screen generator and causing the destruction of the base and the Bombay. Wanting the truth of his lover's death to be known, Pennington leaks the information to the Federation News Service and the story goes viral.

Following the destruction of the Bombay, Reyes dispatches the Enterprise to Ravanar IV with Ming Xiong to recover anything left of the base. All that is left of the site is a crater but Xiong and the Enterprise crew are able to uncover some information that helps them begin unlocking the secrets of the Taurus Reach meta-genome.

Pennington's story is soon publicly debunked due to false evidence T'Prynn had Quinn plant to undermine Pennington's credibility. Due to the scandal, FNS fires Pennington. Next, his wife discovers his infidelity and leaves him. Feeling guilty for his role in destroying Pennington's life, Quinn offers the journalist a job working on his small freighter.

T'Prynn reveals that many years earlier while engaged in kal-if-fee with her psychotic fiancé, he implanted his katra into her mind while he was dying. Since then, he continually tries to cripple her psyche with mental attacks and cries of "Submit!". Meanwhile, when T'Prynn is in search of relief, she visits her lover Anna Sandesjo, an attaché in the station's diplomatic office who is actually a Klingon agent named Lurqal.



Vanguard personnel & residents

al-JazaarRaymond CannellaCharlesJon CooperRana DesaiJudy DunbarIsaiah FarberSuzie FinneranEzekiel FisherGellerToby GreenfieldJetanienAkeylah KaruméKulorElizabeth LangloisPeter LiverakosLugokJabilo M'BengaK. MalikManónMcKeeIsrael MedinaGom glasch MoarHolly MoyerMugaveroTim PenningtonPozreneZharran sh'RassaDiego ReyesRoyAnna Sandesjo (aka Lurqal) • Sesrenezh'ShalasSihanoukSovikSozlokAdam StotskyT'PrynnTashreneThelexTuragIvan Vumelkounnamed Vanguard personnelWallingfordMing Xiong
Referenced only
Jake CooperJen CooperHaniff JacksonKatrinaRoderigo MedeiraRory MeekerDietrich Meyer

USS Enterprise personnel

Robert D'AmatoScott DanesJames T. KirkLeslieVarsha MahtaniLuke PattersonMark PiperMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
Referenced only
Daniel AldenElizabeth DehnerLee KelsoGary MitchellLisa PawlikowskiChristopher Pike

USS Bombay personnel

Brett AndersonDaniel BerryTory CastellanoOriana D'AmatoDonna FordHallie GannonStewart GreismanJean GuerinImelioKevin JudgeSteve KashukHua Sun LeeNem chim LoakMcCarthyVondas MilonakisSusan NaveDonna RobertsonThanashal ch'SonnasVanderhoven
Referenced only

USS Sagittarius personnel

Mike IlucciAdelard NassirClark TerrellVanessa Theriault
Referenced only
Lisa Babitz

USS Endeavour personnel

Atish KhatamiSteven John KlisiewiczJeanne La SalaAnthony LeoneBonnie MalmatPaul McGibbonBersh glov MogZhao Sheng
Referenced only
Walter Stutzman

USS Constellation personnel

Matthew DeckerGuthrieGuillermo MasadaPonorHiromi Takeshewada
Referenced only

Ravanar IV Outpost personnel

John OttDean SingerT'HanaMiguel Velez

Starfleet personnel

Referenced only
Stephen Garrovick (I)Leonard McCoyFriedl Segfrunsdóttir

Omari-Ekon personnel

GanzMorikmolZett NilricRekeZulo

Tholian Ruling Conclave


Klingon High Council personnel



BroonLora BrummerLarskeneQoheelaCervantes QuinnShedai WandererTegor
Referenced only
BregHannah FisherNoah FisherGeorge GershwinAmanda GraysonGene HarrisL'NelArchibald MacLeishAmy QuinnDenise QuinnMolly QuinnSarekSivokStenTantalusPaul TillotsonTolreneUnezJeanne VinuezaArlys WarfieldKenneth Wescott

Starships and vehicles

USS Bombay (Miranda-class frigate) • cargo loaderSS Chichén ItzáUSS Constellation (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Discovery-classDY-500USS Endeavour (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Kil'j Tholismaglev tramMeridenNov'k TholisOmari-Ekon (merchantman) • Rocinante (Mancharan starhopper) • USS Sagittarius (Archer-class) • Sek't TholisTas'v TholisTik'r TholisVel'j Tholis
Referenced only
boatUSS Dauntless (Pyotr Velikiy-class) • EpimetheusUSS Exeter (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS Farragut (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • lifeboatshuttleUSS Yorktown (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Erilonthe galaxyGonmog sector/Shedai sector/Taurus ReachKessik IV (Anzarosh) • Qo'noS (First City) • Ravanar IVRavanar systemTholiaVanguard (Watchtower-class)
Referenced only
BaroliaBeta LankalCaitDeep Space Station K-7 (K-class) • Delta VegaEarth (AlabamaEdinburghKunming, ChinaLiverpoolLondonLouisianaNew JerseyNorth AmericaParisSan FranciscoTennesseeTexas) • Federation-Klingon borderG-class space stationGallonik III (Gallonik) • Gariman sectorGetheonGre'thorJemononKalandra sectorKilosaKorinarLuna (New BerlinjMartian ColoniesSector 116 ThetashipyardTalagos PrimeTamaros IIITrinay IIITycho IVVulcan (Hall of Ancient Thought, Mount SeleyaVulcana Regar)
Vanguard station locations
Café Romanocargo warehouseenlisted men's clubFederation EmbassyFontana Meadowthe hubManón'soperations centerStars LandingTom Walker'sVanguard Hospitalwardroom
Referenced only
Buddhist templeChristian chapelofficers' clubquartermaster's office

Races and cultures

AndorianBolianChelonDeltanHuman (AmericanIndianItalianKoreanScotsman) • KlingonNaloriOrionShedaiSilgovTarascanTarmeliteTellariteTholianVulcanYoçarian
Referenced only

States and organizations

BuddhismChristianityFederation Diplomatic CorpsFederation News ServiceGreat Castemoot AssemblyImperial IntelligenceIslamJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilPolitical CastemootpressRuling ConclaveTholian AssemblyStarfleetStarfleet Corps of EngineersUnited Federation of PlanetsWarrior Castemoot
Referenced only
Adepts of GolFederation CouncilFirst Assemblypress corpsStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Criminal Investigation DivisionStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Research and Development

Ranks and titles

aideambassadoranthropology and archaeology officerarchitectassassinassistantassistant chief engineerassistant chief medical officerastrophysicistathleteattachéattending physicianattorneybarkeepbartenderbodyguardbossbrothercadetcaptaincargo chiefcastellanChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechief defenderchief engineerchief medical officerchief of dentistrychief petty officercitizencommandercommanding officercommissioned officercommodorecommunications officercommunications supervisorcomputer engineerconcubinecorporate scoutcourtesancouncillorcrewmancriminalcustoms officercustoms inspectordamage-control officerdancerdepartment chiefdiplomateditorenforcerengineerenlisted officerensignenvoyexecutive officerfatherfirefighterfirst officerflight-control officerforeign-service officergangstergeneralgeologistgrief counselorhandlerhelmsmanhenchmanHigh Epopt of Tamaroshistorianimamimperial guardimpulse drive assistant supervisorintelligence officerinterlocuterinterninvestigative reporterJAG officerjazz pianistjournalistjunior officerlab technicianlawyerliaison officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior grademaster chief petty officermechanicmedicmerchant-princemidshipmanminermusiciannavigatornon-commissioned officernurseofficerfleet operations managerphysicianpianistpoliticianPresident of the United Federation of Planetspress liaisonproconsulprospectorpsychiatristquartermasterrabbireportersaboteurscience officerscientistsecurity guardsecurity officersenior attachésenior chief petty officersenior communications officersenior editorsenior engineering officersenior geologistsentinelship's surgeonsniperspecialistspysupervising officersupervisorswimmertactical officertechnicianTholian Ambassador to the Klingon Empirethrogwaiterwar correspondentwarriorwitnessyeoman

Science and technology

acoustic dampenerairlockalarmamputationantennaanthropologyantigrav circuitantigrav skiffarchitectureatmosphereaudio fileautomated padautomated security deviceautopsybarrier proteinbatterybinary systembiobedbiochemical matrixbioengineeringbioreadingbiosynthetic limbbiosyntheticsblack holebloodbonebrainbreathing maskcameracapacitorcarboncargo palletcargo trackercentral nervous systemchemical analysischemical base pairchronometerclass Mclass Nclass Pcombat medicinecommunicatorcomputerConduitcontrol padcoolant coilcoolant manifoldcoordinatesdata carddata display tabletdata packetdata recorderdata slatediodediseaseDNAduotronic cabledynospannereareardrumenergizing coilengineeringentropyenvirosuitesophagusEVA suiteyeFeinbergerfemoral arteryfingernailfirefood dispenserfood slotfrequencyfuselagegalactic barriergene-sequence scangenetic engineeringgeologyglaciergravitic caliperhailing frequencyhairheadacheheat exchangerhydraulic lubricanthydraulicsimpulse driveimpulse reactorinertial dampenerintercomjamming signaljawjugularkey cardkeypadkilometerlamplanding gearLattice InterLinklaws of physicslibrary computerlife supportlifterlight-yearlighterliquid nitrogenlog buoylungmagnetic boltmagnetic gearmagnetic launcherMark II computer coremathematicsmedicineMeenok's diseasememory coremetermicrophone sensorminingmoldmolecular scanmoleculemoonmooringsmotion detectormusclenauseanavigational systemnoseobstetricsocillatoroptimization cycleozonepagerpediatricsphaser capacitorphaser generatorphotosensorphysical therapyplasma cutterplasma relayplumbingpower cellpower distribution systempower generatorpower mainpower modulepower packpower shuntpower-supply cablepressure pointpressure suitpropulsion systempulseradiation suitradio headsetrefrigerated storage unitregulator crystalribRorschachsalivasanitizerscannerscientific methodscreen generatorsecurity camerasecurity remoteself-destructsensorsensor hoodseizuresensor arraysensor logsensor screenShedai artifactshieldshield emittershield generatorshowerSigma Seven utilitysinus cavityskin graftskullsodium lampsoftwaresonic drillsonic screwdriverspeakerspotlightstarstem boltstylusstomachSubLinksubspace dimplingsubspace radiosubspace radio jammersubspace receiversubspace relay coilsubspace thoughtwavesubspace transmittersurgical toolsurvey probeTaurus Keytelekinesistelepathythrustertonguetooltoothtracheatractor beamtractor beam emittertransmittertransportertricordertuQloSturboliftuniversal translatoruniverseventilationviewscreenwarp coilwarp drivewarp geometry calculuswarp nacellewarp reactorwhite dwarfwirexenologyxenophysiology

Materials & Substances

acetyleneadrenalinealuminumcarboncoppercrystalline silicondilithiumduraniumironmethanepolymerradiationsodiumsulfursultritiumTaurus meta-genomethraciumtransparent aluminumtriceronultritium


ahn-woond'k tahgdead-man switchdetonatordisruptor rifleknifelirpaphaserphaser bankphaser pistolpistolplasma torpedosentry gunstun pistolphoton torpedoyosa blade


alienamoebaamphibianarthropodbacteriaBrahma bullcedarclamDenevan dogwoodeggfelinefloraflowerghewpu'tIngrasshemlockhumanoidinsectinsectoidjasmineKaferian applekeesa beetlelawnmosquitopeppermintplumpoison ivysea basssimiantargvineVulcan seaweed

Food and drink

ambrosiaAnejobeefbeignetbreakfastBriebrothBrunello RiservaburritoChateauneuf-du-Papecheesechocolatecoffeecookiedeep-fried chipDeltan champagneespressogreen teagrilled fishIrish coffeeJadot Pouilly-Fuissejamlamb stewlatteliquorMacallan single malt scotchmeatmilkMontalcinoN'v'aapastrypickled keesa beetleraktajinoReelkotsalsasauteed green beansscrambled eggssodasour fruit cocktailsweet coffeetandoori chickenTarkalian aleteatequilatoastwafflewhiskeywine

Other references

147 BC21772212221622432257225920th centuryafter-action reportalcoholalpha shiftapartmentaphrodisiacastrocartographyathletic fieldattack formationbankruptcybannerbar tabbarracksBattle of Ravanar IVbattlefieldbedbedside mannerbellbeltbereavement leavebeta-shiftbImoHqu'black marketbleachersbluesboard of inquirybootbottle openerboulderbowlboxbriefcasebucketbulwarkbunkcafécalendarcaptain's chairCaptain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)cargocargo baycassockcatacombschesschina teapotchomChristmascigarcinnamoncitycivil rightsclergyclipboardclothingcoatcockpitcoffee tablecoffeepotcoinColumbian blendcolonial operationscolonizationcolonycommercecommissaryconditionercontrabandcontractcorkscrew maneuvercounterintelligencecourt-martialcover-upcovert intelligencecredit chipcurrencycurtaincushiondaisdamage control teamdata sheetdeath certificatedebtDenevan Mountain RoastDenobulan Wild-carddentistry officedepositiondiagnosticDictums of Logicdiplomacydisinformation campaigndivorcedocking baydossierdressduffelearringelection campaignemergency roomeminent domainengineeringeresh'thaespionageevasive maneuverevidenceexcavationexplorationexposeextortioneyeglassesFarsi languageFederation CharterFederation lawfezfirst contactfive-year missionflagflaskflight planfountainfreedom-of-information petitionfrisbeefuneralfusion drivegalleyGallonikan civil wargamma-shiftgangwaygarbage disposalglengetgluegodgogglesgospelhabitat modulehammockhatchheaddresshelmhistoryhookahhull breachiceinfectious-disease wingintensive-care unitinterrogationinvestigationisolation wingItalian languagejacketjay'vajazzJefferies tubejiQjIwuQjournalismjumpsuitjunglekatakatrakitchenkolinahrkoon-ut-kal-if-feeladderlanding partylatrinelavatorylawLaws of the First Assemblylegal folderletterlithium-cracking stationlock-picking kitloDmachlog sheetlost-and-foundlullabymandisamarriagemedical laboratorymedical kitmedical staffmeditationmess hallmind meldmilitarymilk runmining campmining jacketmining teammirrormoneyMorphinemugmusicnavigation stationnavigational finNemite Revolutionnutmegobeliskobservation deckOccam's Razoroperating roomparkaparleypass-chippatriotismpatrol routepetitionpharmacyphaser controlphaser-proof boothphilosophyphotographpianopocketpodiumpoempokerpoliticspon farrpowder kegpress conferenceprivate practicepropagandapunching bagraimentrecitalrecreation deckred tapereportrobberyrockrugrugbysabotagesaltsalvage baysandstormsatchelscalpelscience stationsecurity clearancesecurity codeseppukusewershampooshipping laneshoeshore leaveshuttle baysnowsnowshoe • sofasolitary confinementSpanish languagesportstaffstairsstakeoutstar mapStarfleet Code of JusticeStarfleet regulationsStarfleet dress uniform (2265-2270)Starfleet uniform (2240s-2265)Starfleet uniform (2265-2270)statuestonestorage lockersubpoenasugarSummertimesurgical theatersurvey teamswampwatersweatpantsswimming pooltalking pointsTellarite etiquette manualTexas Hold'emtlhIngan Holtoiletrytoolkittorpedo baytourniquettoweltranscripttransporter paneltraytreaty of global alliancetrenchcoattriagetumbleweedV'Shanval'rethviewportvinegarVulcan medical wardVulcan salutewarwaterwater gobletwhistlewineglasswork orderyellow alertThe Young Dead SoldiersyIntagh


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  • The German translation of the novel was released by Cross Cult in 2008. It was translated by Mark Hillenbrand.
  • Book includes a four-page color fold-out with diagrams of Vanguard Station.
  • An appendix provides brief character sketches of several series characters introduced in this novel.
  • The title page lists Stars Landing, Vanguard's civilian and commercial district, as a location of one of Pocket Books' offices.




The novel's main part is set in November 2265.

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