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Harlequin is a star system with two Class M worlds: Harlequin-3 (also known as Vardaine) and Harlequin-5 (also known as Aloysia). While Vardaine is an Earth colony affiliated with the United Federation of Planets, Aloysia is a non-Federation world heavily influence by the Elasi pirates.

History and specifics

According to one star chart, the system was located in the general vicinity of Harrapa and the Federation's ARK-7 space station, as well as Sirius and Elasi Prime.

In 2269, the USS Enterprise was sent by the Starfleet to investigate a number of Elasi ships. Harry Mudd's salvage activities near Aloysia and the neighboring Elasi-controlled Harrapa system had provoked the Elasi into attacking his Federation-registered vessel. When the Enterprise fought off the two Elasi ships, Mudd's ship left for Harrapa. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

System makeup

Harlequin system primary star



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