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Harry Kim was a Terran slave whose parents were killed by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance when he was a child on Cestus III. When the Terran Rebellion began its operations, Harry joined a cell led by Captain Chakotay and soon became a battle-hardened soldier and served on the Geronimo.

In 2371, Harry's cell encountered Neelix, an alien from the Delta Quadrant who informed the group that his lover, Kes, was a powerful telepath that could be invaluable to either the Alliance or Rebellion. After much persuasion by Tuvok, Chakotay authorized a rescue mission.

The plan was undone however, when the Geronimo's chief engineer, Kate Janeway, turned out to be a spy for the Alliance and captured the group. Harry eventually escaped captivity and freed the rest of his group from their cells. He then went on the rampage; killing every Klingon soldier in the facility and then escaped the crashing facility with the rest of his group on the Geronimo and back to Rebellion territory. (VOY - Mirror Universe novella: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

Harry's personality seemed to reflect that of the primary universe's Lon Suder, except his killing was directed at Klingons instead of Cardassians.

Dark Passions[edit | edit source]

In 2370, Harry Kim was a Terran slave in a mining complex in the Sol system. He was a part of a crew led by Kathryn Janeway. When Annika Hansen joined their crew, Harry was assigned to help her, in an effort to ease her transition to life in the mining facility. He was later freed, along with the rest of Janeway's crew, by Annika after she became a candidate for the Alliance overseer position. She gave him a job aboard her starship, Voyager. (ST novel: Dark Passions, Book Two)

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