Harve Bogenn was a 23rd century male Human in the Kelvin timeline. From 2237 to at least 2255, Bogenn served as a detective with the Homicide division of the San Francisco Police Department.

In 2237, the first case Bogenn investigated as a junior-grade detective was that of the serial killer known as The Doctor, who removed victims' internal organs without leaving incisions. Bogenn and his colleagues were stymied by the lack of physical evidence. In 2255, Bogenn was assigned to the case when the Doctor struck again, attacking Starfleet Academy Cadet Gaila and killing another Orion woman. On the recommendation of Commander Spock, Bogenn asked Spock's student Nyota Uhura to analyze the unknown language spoken by the Doctor in 911 recordings from the scenes of the two attacks. When Uhura, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Dr. Patricia Park determined that the Doctor's hideout was the beacon chamber of the Transamerica Pyramid, Bogenn wanted to accompany McCoy and Cadet James T. Kirk to confront the killer, but was instead posted to the building's command center. (TOS novel: The Delta Anomaly)

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