Haryalevard Academy of Business Management was an institution of higher learning on Ferenginar, and considered one of the most prestigious -- and profitable -- schools on that world. It was founded by Chig, the most honored scholar in Ferengi history. Haryalevard graduated seven Grand Nagi, twelve Chief Liquidators of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, and nearly 7.9 million litigators. The Haryalevard Academy Student Store employed many of these litigators in order to protect the school's trademarks and their exclusive license to sell Haryalevard merchandise.

Also among Haryalevard's graduates was Vurp the Inevitable, Ferenginar's only military dictator. Quark claimed to be an alumnus of Haryalevard, and hung a school banner in his bar.

The school colors are mauve and taupe. The school motto, "More is good... all is better", is also the 242nd Rule of Acquisition. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

The name "Haryalevard" is apparently a combination of "Harvard" and "Yale".
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