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Haskell was a 24th century Human man, a Starfleet officer trained as a flight controller. By the 2360s decade, he had attained the rank of ensign and served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D.


When the Enterprise was absorbed into Nagilum's black void in space in the year 2365, Haskell relieved Wesley Crusher at the conn position and operated the helm during the ship's attempts to leave the void. When an away team was trapped by Nagilum's illusions, Haskell suggested the ship pilot towards a star fix that appeared on the viewscreen, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard was unwilling to abandon the away team officers.

When Nagilum announced his purpose of studying the reactions of the crew to various situations, he inquired about the concept of death limiting the existence of humanoids. When Picard didn't understand the question as referring to death, Nagilum demonstrated by killing Haskell. Haskell was knocked back in agony from internal injury caused by Nagilum's powers, and was pronounced dead by Doctor Katherine Pulaski on the floor of the bridge, seconds later. (TNG episode: "Where Silence Has Lease")



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