Havar was a Cardassian gul in the 24th century who was loyal to House Arterius.

In 2378, Havar served as the commanding officer of the CDS Kyria. He was charged with providing defensive duties for a Kessok Solarformer located at the Riha system. Using a Romulan cloaking device acquired by DaiMon Praag, Havar's crew were able to cloak the solarformer by tying the cloak directly into the Kyria's warp core. He was discovered by the USS Sovereign, and was killed along with his entire crew in the battle that ensued. Prior to his death, Havar tried to erase the Kyria's logs but it only worked half way. The remaining logs were analyzed by the crew of the Sovereign, who discovered that the Kyria had to be destroyed to reveal the solarformer. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

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